Thursday, 24 March 2011

Changing my mind a bit about Apple

I have been in love with Apple products for a while. I have not bought everything from them though. Just a Mac Book Pro almost two years ago. However I have been thinking about buying an iPhone and an iPad for a while. I was thinking about doing that this year but recently I have started to change my mind about Apple:
-Firstly I realize that most of the software I use is on the web, email, google apps, reader, facebook, twitter.
-Then, I am really tired about Safari, it used to work fine but nowadays it is very slow and it keeps waiting for a long time many times and collopsing from time to time.
-I am also quite tired of iPhoto and how difficult is to make it importing your well organized in directories collection of pictures.
-I have discovered that Chrome uses much less memory and it is always responsive.
-Also Picasa for Mac works fine and it respects my hierarchy of folders and is perfectly integrated into picasa web albums.
-I have even left iTunes, who needs to have all mp3 on the hardrive, when you have spotify? Probably the same people who has a mp3 player but I have not. So keeping my huge collection of mp3 in the hard drive does not make sense for me.
-Also Apple is still behaving specially, like not having features that everybody has, creating a close environment, strange rules for the app market, etc.
-Windows 7 works allright at last.
-Android probably is more complicated than iPhone, but it is open, more options and come on I am supposed to be a geek not my grandma, I should love all that freedom.

So basically I am not using anything apple specific. Yes probably the hardware is better quality and mac os x works allright and has a unix core but I am more dependent on Google enviroment.

For all the points before, I am really considering buying an Android instead of an iPhone, I still think iPad is better than other tablets but I think kindle is really good for what it tries to do and I will reconsider Windows for my next laptop if I buy one.

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